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links for 2008-10-31

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Hackosis | Brute Force Calculator A tool to determine how hackable your password is. (tags: tools password)

links for 2008-10-16

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Andre on Tech: PostgreSQL on Leopard gotchas Tips for installing Postgresql on leopard (tags: postgresql osx mac install postgres leopard) Updates are not installed successfully from Windows Update, from Microsoft Update, or by using Automatic Updates after you perform a new Windows XP installation or you repair a Windows XP installation When Windows Updates start […]

links for 2008-10-12

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Making Tomcat Session Management Work With Sub Domains (tags: Tomcat Session)

links for 2008-10-06

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What are those little Xcode tips & tricks you wish you knew about 2 years ago? – Stack Overflow Greate XCode tips (tags: Xcode)

Owens Country Farm

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Today we took Brenden to the Owens Country Farm in Richardson. That’s the same Owens as the sausage. There they have animals to feed and a hay ride. During the Fall, they also have pumpkins. Brenden had a really good time and got to see a lot of animals and rode like a big boy […]