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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Weird Al

Posted on by Patrick

Two weeks ago Weird Al made a stop in the DFW area. He was supposed to play in McKinney, but the venue got a little to soggy ( it was outdoors ) and the event was moved to Garland to their “Special Events Center”. This of course caused some major headaches with seating and such, […]

Harry Potter

Posted on by Patrick

For the first time in my life, I have read a book straight through without taking a break for silly things like sleeping ( Maggie was up with me, no idea if that’s happened to her before ). Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows is well worth the wait and all the reading leading up to […]

Couple of New Blogs

Posted on by Patrick

Wanted to post here that I’m starting to post at two new blogs I’ve been invited to: clusterflock – a blog about everything with no filtering, so expect anything SnaggleTruth – a blog about the TV Shows Heroes and LOST ( at least so far ) I know what you’re thinking, “But he doesn’t hardly […]

Live Free or Die Hard

Posted on by Patrick

Live Free or Die Hard is one of those action films you just need to suspend your brain for a couple of hours and just enjoy the craziness. It stars Bruce Willis, reprising his role as Detective John McClane from the previous Die Hard movies. This time, he’s bringing in a hacker, played by Justin […]


Posted on by Patrick

For some reason, I think because I was looking at Justin Long’s IMDB list ( you know, “Hey, I’m a Mac” guy ), I found this silly, but funny movie called Idiocracy. It’s a story about how the portion of mankind that’s actually reproducing is those with lower and lower IQs as the smarter people […]

iPhone: First Impressions

Posted on by Patrick

As Maggie pointed out on her blog, I was one of the many who braved the crowds Friday night and got us both an iPhone. My friend Jim has a pretty good account of what we went through to get our phones. After a fairly quick activation, and after having my corporate discount removed, Maggie […]