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Growing up fast

Posted on by Patrick

I got this idea of posting beginning of school year and end of school year photos from Linda Sharps (who is hilarious on Twitter). It really shows how much the kids change over a relatively short time and yet we don’t notice it because it’s happening so gradually. First, Brenden: First day of 1st Grade […]

Brenden Graduated from Kindergarten

Posted on by Patrick

Our little boy keeps growing up. This past week, he graduated from Kindergarten. It’s been amazing watching him mature and learn during this school year. He’s learned to read and to do math as well as being very good at spelling tests. While we’re very excited about him graduating, it is a little bit sad […]

Whew, time flies when you’re busy

Posted on by Patrick

So things are finally starting to settle down around here a little bit. School is over for the semester ( I got an A in both my classes! ) and things at work are getting into the summer groove. My love affair with Cocoa is still on-going. I’ve come to realize I have a lot […]

A good semester

Posted on by Patrick

Before I left on the cruise, I had one last test for the week in Calculus, and I knew I’d have grades to check either during the cruise or after it. I’m happy to report that I got a B in Calculus and an A in Financial Accounting. So 2 more classes down, so many […]

Classroom Frustration

Posted on by Patrick

Since we’ve moved back to Texas, I’ve finally got back into taking the steps (and there are still a lot of them) to finish my degree. In fact, I’ll be changing majors from Computer Science to Business Administration. Quite a drastic change, but to be honest, at this point, I just want a degree. I […]