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Playing Trains

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After going to the Train Show last Saturday, Brenden and I went back there Sunday for some additional looking around. Brenden really, really likes playing with Thmoas the Train Engine toys here at home and when we walked in, we went by the vendor who had some large Thomas the Train Engine model train sets […]

links for 2009-01-20

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iPhone Unit Testing | Sen:te (tags: programming cocoa development iPhone ocunit testing)

Dallas Train Show

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Brenden has been very into trains of late, almost exclusively playing on his Thomas play table with all his Thomas trains. As a reward for him being a much better sleeper this week ( which is another post in itself ), I was going to find a model railroad place to take him to. As […]

links for 2009-01-15

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Super Gravelyn Bros. » The UIButton Apple Should Have Made (tags: iPhone Cocoa UIButton)

Brenden time! ( with some Emily snuck in )

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In the interest of giving some equal time to the big brother, I present some pictures of Brenden…and sneak in a couple of Emily. Brenden has been enjoying having some of the baby stuff back out. He really likes Emily’s car seat as seen here: He’s also been having all of us play trains with […]

links for 2009-01-11

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GoogleReaderAPI – Unofficial (tags: api google reader reference programming) HOWTO: Google Reader API Functions (tags: api google reader reference programming)

More Emily Picutres ( and Brenden too )

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We’ve made it home and Brenden continues to love his little sister. This morning the first thing he asked me when I got him out of his bedroom was “Where’s the baby?”. It’s pretty cute. He’s also very gently with her. Here are more pictures. Brenden checking out his sister in her hospital roller crib […]

Emily Grace Burleson

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On Monday January 5, we welcomed Emily Grace Burleson to our family. She was born via a planned c-section at 3:58 PM and weighed in at 9 lbs 12.3 oz and was 19 in long. Maggie and Emily are doing very well. As for me, I’m excited as I was when Brenden was born. The […]


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Ever since I switched back to the Mac, I’ve been trying to find the “right” financial management software to replace Microsoft Money 2000. I’ve tried Quicken For Mac, iBank, Cha-Ching, Moneydance and Horizon. They all fell short in some aspect of what I needed. Either they were missing scheduled payments, balance forecasting, or just had […]