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Playing Trains

Posted on by Patrick

After going to the Train Show last Saturday, Brenden and I went back there Sunday for some additional looking around. Brenden really, really likes playing with Thmoas the Train Engine toys here at home and when we walked in, we went by the vendor who had some large Thomas the Train Engine model train sets in HO scale. They were pricey even at 30% off.

While looking them over, the gentleman running the booth came over and introduced himself and asked what I was looking for. I wondered aloud if there were smaller sets for Thomas to get started with? He said he had one that was $70 and had Thomas, Clarabell, and Annie and a circle track. To sweeten the deal, he threw in 2 straight pieces of track so we could make an oval. I added a Troublesome Truck and the Sodor Mail Car as well. Still stayed under $100 which is pretty good in my experience looking at model train sets. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I have always wanted a model train set growing up. Of course I bought the train for myself Brenden.

After bringing it home, I eventually got it setup to show Brenden and taught him that this wasn’t a “touching” train, but one we were to watch. He actually has grasped that pretty well. Today he even requested I bring out the set and play again. He really likes to watch and see if he can see Sir Topham Hatt in Thomas. He also checks Clarabell and Annie to see if there’s “hot chocolate” being served. He got that from watching The Polar Express a lot.

I plan to continue to add track and additional cars and engines. Hopefully one day Brenden and I can build an awesome layout together. ( Emily can join us too! )

play_trains_1 play_trains_2
Setting up the cars to go. Brenden watching the train go around.

3 Responses to Playing Trains

Kevin Hoctor said on 1/23/2009 at 8:22 am

I had a train set from my (much) older brother and I loved playing with it. This set was from the 1950s and was a large (XO) Lionel train that looked similar to this engine.

The best part was that it used little “smoke pills” that went in the smokestack opening and created real smoke as the train flew around the track.

Thanks for the flashback!

Kelly said on 1/23/2009 at 9:05 am

Davis LOVED his Thomas train set. We got it from Costco one year for Christmas and it was a huge set with a ton of track and trains. We recently moved his train set to storage to make room for his other toys and he still says that he misses it. I imagine we’ll pull it out when the baby gets a little older.

Jerry said on 2/10/2009 at 2:47 pm

that sounds like a ball! I have toyed(no pun intended) with the idea of pulling together an HO scale set for Wilder, Hunter and I to play with. I had one as a boy and I loved it. hmmm. thanks man! Jer

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