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Monthly Archives: August 2005

New Toy

Posted on by Patrick

Ever since the Mac Mini came out I’ve been wanting one. I enjoy using a Mac with OS X for a lot of the development I do. I really need the Unix underneath, but at the same time the Linux GUIs drive me crazy most of the time. OS X is a very nice mix […]

Kingda Ka – World’s Tallest and Fastest Roller Coaster ( At Least For Now )

Posted on by Patrick

A couple of weekends ago, Maggie and I joined my friend John Snyder and his wife and their son for a fun-filled day at Six Flags Great Adventure here in New Jersey. The biggest draw for me was that this year they opened the most recent “World’s Tallest and Fastest Roller Coaster”, which they call […]

Another brush with celebrity

Posted on by Patrick

The other day I was riding the subway to work when I looked up and saw a guy sitting down across the way that looked vaguely familiar. It took me a few seconds, then I realized where I had seen him before. He’s played a handful of background characters in some movies. His name is […]

West Side Bike Ride

Posted on by Patrick

I made a reference to this during my June weight loss update, but the Saturday after the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge, I decide to do something I thought would be “fun”. Maggie was going out of town for our High School reunion, and I was going to be home alone left to my own […]

Weight Loss Update

Posted on by Patrick

Well, funny thing happened on the way to the end of July. The first week of the month conspired with an apparent drop in will power over the next week or so to cause me to actually gain 2 pounds for the month. Oops. My dietitian wasn’t too please, as this was the first month […]