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Another brush with celebrity

Posted on by Patrick

The other day I was riding the subway to work when I looked up and saw a guy sitting down across the way that looked vaguely familiar. It took me a few seconds, then I realized where I had seen him before. He’s played a handful of background characters in some movies. His name is Kevin Sussman and he’s been in Sweet Home Alabama, Little Black Book, and Hitch. What made it easier to identify him was that Maggie and I had watched Little Black Book the previous weekend. Not to mention this guy has a pretty distinctive look.

So anyway, once I realized who I thought it must be, I considered if I would approach him. I decided that I wouldn’t go up to him on the train, only if he got off at my stop. And as it turns out, he does get out on my stop. I turn around and say “Hey, were you in Sweet Home Alambama and Little Black Book?”

He looks a little shocked that he’s been recognized, and I feel a little dumb because at this point I hadn’t looked up his info on IMDB, so I had no clue what his name was. He nods and says “Yeah, that was me.” I reach out and we shake hands and I tell him he did a great job and keep up the good work. And then we went on about our business.

I know he’s not huge, but it was certainly cool to A) be able to recognize someone from the movies dressed normally and B) that he was cool about being approached.

So there we go, my celebrity list:

Michael Bloomberg and Kevin Sussman

Now if I could only figure out where Matt Damon, Claire Danes, Edward Norton, and Tim Robbins live in New York so I can “run into” them. 🙂

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