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The worst kind of Spam

Posted on by Patrick

Shawn Blanc posted about companies that spam their own customers. This is a terrible practice and it pains me when a company I’m already doing business with does it to me. The worst offender for me is Time Warner Cable. Over the summer I switched to their high speed cable internet service because it offered […]

What Brown Can’t Do For You

Posted on by Patrick

TL;DR: Shipping something via a UPS Store location means only that location can call UPS about any issues with your shipment. You’re stuck talking through a middleman. Nowhere in their store or on their receipts do they mention this. From now on, I’m shipping only via USPS or FedEx. The sordid tale: A few weeks […]

Every Horror Film Should Be Rated R

Posted on by Patrick

A couple of nights ago I saw Insidious, a very creepy and excellent horror movie even though it was rated PG-13. I highly recommend you see if it you like scary movies. The TL;DR of what comes next is: Every horror film should be rated R. That night’s theater experience was somewhat ruined by the […]