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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Cozy day by the fire

Posted on by Patrick

After class this morning, where I had to give a presentation, I came home and then Maggie and I had a nice cozy afternoon in front of the fire. We watched “Just Like Heaven”, which was a very cute in a chick flick kinda way. ( Ok, ok, I got totally sucked in, but I […]

Texas Weather

Posted on by Patrick

There’s an old saying about the Weather, “If you don’t like it, give it 5 minutes and it will change.” Well, in Texas those changes can be as big as the state, such as the last 24 hours. Yesterday afternoon it was 80 degrees F here in Dallas. This morning, we’re in the mid 30s. […]

Online system not open 24 hours?

Posted on by Patrick

I’ve just come across something that makes me scratch my head. Last night, I went to my univeristy’s website to make a tuition payment, and I was greeted with “The system is currently closed, our hours are the following:”. I couldn’t believe it. An online system to take money didn’t operate around the clock? How […]

Senator Byrd is my hero for the day

Posted on by Patrick

Go read his wiretap speech: http://byrd.senate.gov/speeches/2006february/wiretapspeech.html Pretty much sums up how I feel about how our government keeps invading our lives.