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Cozy day by the fire

Posted on by Patrick

After class this morning, where I had to give a presentation, I came home and then Maggie and I had a nice cozy afternoon in front of the fire. We watched “Just Like Heaven”, which was a very cute in a chick flick kinda way. ( Ok, ok, I got totally sucked in, but I was able to predict the thing the whole way)

Maggie and I did go get paint for the baby’s room, it’s this kinda creamy yellow, and marked the walls for how high up we are going to do wallpaper. We are doing neutral colors since we’re waiting to find out the sex of the baby until after it is born.

Tomorrow I’m going to go install a phone for my dad. That should be fun out in the cold. Afterwards, I’m hoping to get some good World Of Warcraft play time in.

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