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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Little Drummer Girl

Posted on by Patrick

I love this video my wife took of Emily drumming in the house. Especially the little “flourish” at around the 35 second mark.

Frozen creek

Posted on by Patrick

The past couple of days have been quite cold for around North Texas. We will have been under freezing for over 36 hours in the morning. Yeah, yeah, I know, no big deal to the Midwest and other locales, but we certainly don’t see that kind of extended cold very often. That also means we […]


Posted on by Patrick

Last year, it snowed a lot for around here. We even had a White Christmas. This year, Brenden was so looking forward to snow on Christmas, but we had to explain to him that it doesn’t always do that. It didn’t snow this year for Christmas, but today it did snow and Brenden was very […]

Happy Birthday Emily!

Posted on by Patrick

Today, my beautiful little girl turns two! Happy birthday sweetie! Here’s a recent picture of her playing with just about everything she loves.

Battling Being Overweight and My Plan

Posted on by Patrick

Before I get into the meat of this post, let me show you three pictures.   2004 2005 2010   I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. In 2004, I weighed 280 pounds. The picture above was taken in May of that year at Caprock Canyon in west Texas. A couple […]

Holiday Train

Posted on by Patrick

A long time ago, I mentioned in some photos about an awesome holiday train a man in my neighborhood sets up. This year, thanks to my handy-dandy iPhone 4, I was able to get a decent video put together. As you can see, it’s quite elaborate and the kids absolutely love it! The train runs […]

Walls Family Farm 2010

Posted on by Patrick

Last year, we decided to start a family tradition of going out and cutting down our Christmas tree. Our great friends Jerry and Kris Scott told us about this farm they went to called the Walls Family Farm. We decided to go and had a great time. This year, we started down the path of […]