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Walls Family Farm 2010

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Walls Family Farm

Last year, we decided to start a family tradition of going out and cutting down our Christmas tree. Our great friends Jerry and Kris Scott told us about this farm they went to called the Walls Family Farm. We decided to go and had a great time. This year, we started down the path of cementing the tradition with another trip to the Walls Family Farm.

It was a lot better weather this year and Emily was able to participate much more being almost 2 years old. The kids loved the hayride to get out to the tree fields, but maybe not the wandering around looking for a tree. They enjoyed that part for a little bit, but tired of it quickly as Maggie and I debated tree after tree.

We finally found our tree and I cut it down. We hauled it back to the barn so we could get it wrapped up and strapped to the roof of our car. During this wait, the kids played in the nearby play set and they had a blast.

Some pictures from the day:

Maggie and Emily

Maggie and Emily on the Hayride

Brenden and Emily

Brenden and Emily “helping” find a tree

Found our tree

The Burleson Family Christmas Tree (cue Clark Griswold)

Our Tree Cut Down

Luckily, unlike Clark, I remembered my saw

Brenden in the Playhouse

Brenden remembered this playhouse and was all over it again

Emily in the Playhouse

Emily got into the act with the playhouse this year

Kids and rocking chairs

The kids really enjoyed these rocking chairs

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