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New beginnings

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At the end of October, I decided to make a rather large change in my life: I quit my day job to pursue iOS contracting full time. An opportunity presented itself that would allow me to work from home while developing an iOS application for a large company. This would also lend itself to allowing me to work more on my BitBQ applications and related projects. It was a hard decision and took me a few days to think over. I talked myself into and out of the decision a million times (as my wife can attest). On my last day, a very nice co-worker gave me a bottle of The Glenlivet 18 as a going away gift.

The Glenlivet 18

I’ve been meaning to write about that change here, but I’ve been so busy in the whirlwind of a new job that I just hadn’t been able to take the time. Now with the holidays behind us, I can take a bit of a breather and mention it here.

One of the biggest changes is of course working from home. We moved my office into our guest bedroom so that I would have a door and be able to keep the kids from interrupting me while I’m working. One of the nice things I’ve enjoyed about the new situation is being able to take little breaks in the afternoon and playing with Brenden in the yard. He’s recently begun wanting to throw a Nerf football he has. He also wants to be chased around the yard. I also get to see little moments like this at home:

Cooking Together

That’s Maggie and Brenden working on cooking a desert for us that night. It’s something Maggie thought up for them to do after Brenden woke up from his nap one day. I happened to have my office door open and saw them working together. It was awesome.

While the start of the new job has had me working a lot of late nights (due to trying to ship the 2.0 version of the company’s iPhone app), things should now calm down enough for me to reach a couple of my other goals: Blog here more about what’s going on in the lives of the Burlesons and also lose weight. More on this latter topic in an upcoming post.

That’s a quick catch-up on the changes around here. It’s exciting and fun. I’m really enjoying it and expect 2011 to be a fantastic year.

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