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Pixar Visit

Posted on by Patrick

This past week I was out at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco. Due to some fantastic circumstances, I was able to go on a tour of Pixar Animation Studios. It’s not open to the public, I was lucky enough to be invited by an employee I know for a tour. All I […]

Every Horror Film Should Be Rated R

Posted on by Patrick

A couple of nights ago I saw Insidious, a very creepy and excellent horror movie even though it was rated PG-13. I highly recommend you see if it you like scary movies. The TL;DR of what comes next is: Every horror film should be rated R. That night’s theater experience was somewhat ruined by the […]

Whew, time flies when you’re busy

Posted on by Patrick

So things are finally starting to settle down around here a little bit. School is over for the semester ( I got an A in both my classes! ) and things at work are getting into the summer groove. My love affair with Cocoa is still on-going. I’ve come to realize I have a lot […]

Live Free or Die Hard

Posted on by Patrick

Live Free or Die Hard is one of those action films you just need to suspend your brain for a couple of hours and just enjoy the craziness. It stars Bruce Willis, reprising his role as Detective John McClane from the previous Die Hard movies. This time, he’s bringing in a hacker, played by Justin […]


Posted on by Patrick

For some reason, I think because I was looking at Justin Long’s IMDB list ( you know, “Hey, I’m a Mac” guy ), I found this silly, but funny movie called Idiocracy. It’s a story about how the portion of mankind that’s actually reproducing is those with lower and lower IQs as the smarter people […]