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Live Free or Die Hard

Posted on by Patrick

Live Free or Die Hard is one of those action films you just need to suspend your brain for a couple of hours and just enjoy the craziness.

It stars Bruce Willis, reprising his role as Detective John McClane from the previous Die Hard movies. This time, he’s bringing in a hacker, played by Justin Long, after someone cuts the power to Homeland Security’s cyber division headquarters.

The action starts pretty quick as the people Long’s character has been working for is killing all those who’ve helped them. After escaping a great gun and explosion battle in Long’s apartment, they head down to DC, which is where the real fun begins.

The villians are performing what’s called a “firesale” attack against the infrastructure of the United States. They take out traffic, power, and financial systems virtually all at the same time, creating a panic.

Willis and Long are then on chase after chase either running from the bad guys are trying to track them down. This leads to some pretty unrealistic physics and human body survivability, but like I said, if you leave your brain at the door you’ll have a great time.

Definitely a movie to try and catch in the theater before it leaves.

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