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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Brenden Graduated from Kindergarten

Posted on by Patrick

Our little boy keeps growing up. This past week, he graduated from Kindergarten. It’s been amazing watching him mature and learn during this school year. He’s learned to read and to do math as well as being very good at spelling tests. While we’re very excited about him graduating, it is a little bit sad […]


Posted on by Patrick

I realized I never put this on the blog, but back in November I started working with the great guys at MartianCraft. I’ve been super busy working on a client app that should get released sometime this week. I’m pretty excited about that app being unleashed on the world, and I’ll be sure to post […]

Treadmill Desk

Posted on by Patrick

Back in December my friend Jeff LaMarche posted that he had built a treadmill desk and then a little later wrote up the plans for the one he built. I also work with Jeff on projects for MartianCraft, so I was able to see that switching to a treadmill desk had no impact on his […]

Hand Camp 2012

Posted on by Patrick

Last weekend, the kids and I made our way back to Hand Camp for our second year (you can read about last year here). We almost didn’t get to go this year as we were initially wait listed. On Tuesday of last week, we got a call from the people who organize the camp that […]