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Brenden Graduated from Kindergarten

Posted on by Patrick

Our little boy keeps growing up. This past week, he graduated from Kindergarten. It’s been amazing watching him mature and learn during this school year. He’s learned to read and to do math as well as being very good at spelling tests. While we’re very excited about him graduating, it is a little bit sad that he will be leaving this school to go to our neighborhood elementary school. Although he will likely go back for visits since his sister is still going there for pre-school.

Also, did I mention he’s grown a lot since the first day?

First Day of Kindergarten Last Day of Kindergarten
First dayLast day

The graduation ceremony was fun and the kids seemed to really enjoy it. The school played a movie of photos from the year and you could hear the kids giggling as they saw things they remembered. It was really cute.

Kindergarten graduation gifts from school

The school gave the kids a cool set of gifts for graduation. Brenden made the pairing and the “About me” sheet.

Brenden making his speech

Each kid told us their name and how long they had been at the school as well what they learned this year and what they wanted to be when they grow up. This is Brenden doing his speech.

Brenden Getting Hid Diploma

Brenden receives his diploma and graduation medal.

Kids Throwing Hats 1

The kids prepare to throw their hats.

Kids Throwing Hats 2

The kids throw their hats!

Brenden is proud of his medal

Brenden is so proud of his graduation medal, he’s been wearing it around the house all weekend.

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