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Hand Camp 2012

Posted on by Patrick

Last weekend, the kids and I made our way back to Hand Camp for our second year (you can read about last year here). We almost didn’t get to go this year as we were initially wait listed. On Tuesday of last week, we got a call from the people who organize the camp that 3 spots opened up and they wanted to know it we wanted them. Maggie had an all day class Saturday, so we decided to send me and the kids for the weekend.

I’m so glad Brenden got to go this year. The extra year of maturity really showed. He was making friends and running around with other kids and generally having a blast. Both kids were really well behaved and we had a great time together.

It was also good to talk with other parents of kids with similar hand differences about the things going on as their kids get older. The funny thing is, we all realize that the hand differences are almost zero of our challenges. Our challenges come from the fact we have kids. It’s like an extra bonus parenting support group to know we’re going through the same things as others raising their kids.

And here are a few pictures from the weekend:


Arrival lunch with ice cream for dessert.


“Spinning” during opening night announcements. Those kids are silly.


Emily is such a ham when the camera comes out


Emily got a little tired the second day and needed a nap.


But she livened up for the carnival that night and got this cute face painting kitty cat.


Brenden is now fascinated with roly-polies (aka pill bugs) and wants one as a pet.


This was the last thing we went to on Sunday, those are some tired kids.

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