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For some reason, I think because I was looking at Justin Long’s IMDB list ( you know, “Hey, I’m a Mac” guy ), I found this silly, but funny movie called Idiocracy. It’s a story about how the portion of mankind that’s actually reproducing is those with lower and lower IQs as the smarter people are making the choice to put off having kids and having fewer kids.

Luke Wilson plays an Army soldier who is chosen, along with a prostitute played by Maya Rudolph, to participate in an experiment to try and hibernate a human being for a year. Due to a series of mishaps, they aren’t brought out of hibernation for 500 years. When they awake, they find themselves as the smartest people in the world.

The writing is very clever and I think a nice statement about how we seem to be lowering our standards more and more to bring in the lowest common denominator and how that might eventually turn the world stupid.

If you have about 90 minutes and want to laugh, I highly recommend picking this one up.

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