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Last year, it snowed a lot for around here. We even had a White Christmas. This year, Brenden was so looking forward to snow on Christmas, but we had to explain to him that it doesn’t always do that. It didn’t snow this year for Christmas, but today it did snow and Brenden was very excited to go play in it! We even built a little snowman.

It was also very good we had the snow to distract from a little bit of a disappointment from earlier in the day. This morning, before the weather got too bad, we left to go visit my dad in Sherman. We were all going to go see the new Yogi Bear movie and Brenden was very excited. It became clear to me on the drive to Sherman that the weather conditions that far north were quickly deteriorating to be pretty bad for driving and that we’d need to turn around and come home without seeing the movie. Brenden was crushed. He even cried real tears. I told him that I was sad too, but that we had the snow to play in when we got back home and that we’d see the movie with “Pa Jim” next weekend. After a few minutes, he finally got over being sad about missing the movie and started getting very excited about the snow. Whew.


Brenden Snow Brenden Snowman
Brenden running in the snow Brenden working on the snowman
Maggie Snowman Snowman
Maggie working on the snowman The finished snowman


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