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New Toy

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Ever since the Mac Mini came out I’ve been wanting one. I enjoy using a Mac with OS X for a lot of the development I do. I really need the Unix underneath, but at the same time the Linux GUIs drive me crazy most of the time. OS X is a very nice mix of “Just Works” and UNIX. In fact, after power on, the Mini found my wireless network, joined it, then discovered my laser printer via Bonjour (the new Apple name for ZeroConf), I was all set.

I got the highest end model and upgraded it to 1 GB of RAM. So far it’s held it’s own very well. For a few things it’s beaten my work PowerBook, mostly to do with some of my Java work. That probably has a little bit to do with the slight boost in CPU speed the Mini has over the PowerBook. And it’s so freaking small. I was able to just set my LCD on top of it to conserve desk space.

So far, the only performance thing I’ve noticed is that if I overload the HD with requests (copying a lot of files, doing several thousands DB inserts, compiling java, starting Tomcat, etc) at the same time, it bogs down. But I knew that HD I/O would be a bottleneck on the box. Luckily I shouldn’t regularly be doing that. Just for the few couple of days while I get things really setup for it. Worst case, I can get a Firewire enclosure cheap and put a spare 3.5 in drive in it and boot off that.

I also got a KVM switch so I can switch back and forth between the Mini and my PC. Although, I have a feeling I’ll be using my Mini more than the PC since it’s now mostly for games and MS Money. Although the Mini came with a full version of Quicken that I’m thinking about taking a look at.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited to finally own my own Mac again. (Since most of the time I’ve ever bummed off Maggie or been using the work PowerBook)

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