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Dallas Train Show

Posted on by Patrick

Brenden has been very into trains of late, almost exclusively playing on his Thomas play table with all his Thomas trains. As a reward for him being a much better sleeper this week ( which is another post in itself ), I was going to find a model railroad place to take him to. As luck would have it, I saw this tweet on Twitter this morning. It turns out this weekend is the Dallas Area Train Show!

We left Emily with grandma and took Brenden to the show. He ( and I ) had a blast! I’ve always wanted to have a model train set and going to this show certain rekindled that interest. Brenden wanted to look at all the exhibits and we had to tear him away from most. He really didn’t understand why he couldn’t play with the trains, so that complicated things at times.

There was also a ton of Thomas stuff and we ended up getting him a Toby car on a very good deal and he’s been happy adding it to his other trains.

I’m hoping to maybe get a small set started sometime this year. The biggest problem right now will be finding space for it unless I want to keep putting it up and tearing it down when I want to play.

Some photos to entertain:

train_show_1 train_show_2
train_show_3 train_show_4
train_show_5 train_show_6

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