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Brenden time! ( with some Emily snuck in )

Posted on by Patrick

In the interest of giving some equal time to the big brother, I present some pictures of Brenden…and sneak in a couple of Emily.

Brenden has been enjoying having some of the baby stuff back out. He really likes Emily’s car seat as seen here:


He’s also been having all of us play trains with him near constantly. This time Grandma was being a good sport:


On Sunday, our friends Amy and Brandon brought over their son Will as well as a wonderful lunch. Will and Brenden played a lot!

hanging_around_the_house_4 hanging_around_the_house_5
hanging_around_the_house_6 hanging_around_the_house_7

Of course, Amy got some baby holding time in:


For Christmas, I got a bunch of Best Buy gift cards, and with them, I bought Guitar Hero World Tour. Brenden has been very interested and of late has been trying to play. Here we are with Brenden hitting the buttons and me strumming. Needless to say, he’s got a long way to go, but it’s fun:


This was tonight before Brenden’s bedtime watching an episode of Kipper The Dog on Sprout:


And lastly, a nice close-up of Emily, spit-up and all:


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