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Growing up fast

Posted on by Patrick

I got this idea of posting beginning of school year and end of school year photos from Linda Sharps (who is hilarious on Twitter). It really shows how much the kids change over a relatively short time and yet we don’t notice it because it’s happening so gradually.

First, Brenden:

Brenden 1st Grade Start Brenden 1st Grade End
First day of 1st Grade (August 27, 2012) Last day of 1st Grade (June 6, 2013)

And then Emily:

3's pre-school start 4's pre-school start
First day of 3-year-old pre-school (September 5, 2012) First day of 4-year-old pre-school (September 4, 2013)

I had to cheat for Emily because in all the events of May, I lost the picture I took of her on her last day of 3-year-old pre-school. So that’s almost exactly one year of growth.

(I’ve been meaning to post this for quite a while, but I wanted to get the post about my dad done first before moving on to happier things.)

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