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Dallas Turkey Trot 2013

Posted on by Patrick

After watching my brother Greg finish his second Dallas Marathon last December, I’ve spent this past year getting back into running. I’d gotten back up to being able to run a 5K without walking and was doing that every other morning, getting a little bit faster each time out. That went well through the Spring where I ran the Color Run 5K and then the Muenster Germanfest 5K setting new Personal Records for each race. I was planning on running the Dallas Half Marathon this year, but towards the end of the summer and into the fall, I fell out of this schedule and lost too much training to do it this year.

A few weeks ago, my brother mentioned he was going to be running the Dallas Turkey Trot 8 mile with my nephew. I decided I’d sign up for the 5K to force myself back into the running training. I’m happy to report the race went well, although I had to slow down from my brother and nephew’s pace around the 1.5 mile mark and I waved them to leave me behind. Even then, I was able to come in at 32 minutes even, which I considered to be a great time considering how slow my training runs had been.

I’ve found myself renewed to reach a goal of running a half marathon in 2014. Next up along that path is finishing a 10K. Here’s to it!

My Brother And Nephew And Me Before The Race
My brother, me and my nephew Chris before the race
Turkey Trot Starting Line
Not too many people ahead of us at the start
Behind Us At The Turkey Trot
A whole *lot* of people of behind us though
My Turkey Trot 5K Time
A screenshot of my official time.

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