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RIP Sam: 2003-2014

Posted on by Patrick

Not longer after we got our first dog Bailey, we quickly realized that she had a lot more energy than we were ready to deal with. We decided to her a companion dog to play with and be able to burn off energy with. That’s how we ended up at the SPCA one July day and found a set of puppies ready to be adopted. Sam was a little homely with his spots and his blue flecked eye, but we thought he was pretty darn cute.

He and Bailey made friends very quickly and she was also quick to put him in his place in the pecking order. Our plan mostly worked with them burning a lot of their energy on each other. Of course, there was the destroyed furniture, toys and house along the way too. Even through the frustration, we loved having them both in our household.

They were constant companions until Bailey died last year. Since then, Sam hadn’t always known what to do without her, but he eventually got back into his own routines. He never did get used to eating from the position where Bailey used to eat though.

This past week, after some painful decision making, we had to say goodbye to Sam. He was an incredibly good dog and gave us great company for over 10 years. It’s shame they don’t get to stay with us longer.

Sam and Bailey Fighting Over Blue Guy

Bailey was quick to prove to Sam that the “Blue Guy” was hers.

Sam and Bailey Young

But they each got their own bone to chew on.

Sam Wants a Walk

Sam really loved our walks when we lived in New Jersey. Here he is giving us the sad eyes to go for one.

Sam and Bailey Cuddle Time

Sam also liked to cuddle up with Bailey on the couch. She wasn’t always a fan.


One of the last photos I took of Sam. Like I said when I posted it on Instagram, I’m really going to miss him.

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