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Weird Al

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Two weeks ago Weird Al made a stop in the DFW area. He was supposed to play in McKinney, but the venue got a little to soggy ( it was outdoors ) and the event was moved to Garland to their “Special Events Center”.

This of course caused some major headaches with seating and such, but in the end I was very impressed with his show and his ability as a perfomer. I went with a buddy of mine and we had a pretty good time.

Weird Al played a lot of my old favorites, plus a few songs I didn’t know. Most all songs were done in the costume in which he did the music videos I remember for them. For example, the fat suit he wore in “I’m Fat” ( parody of Michael Jackson’s “I’m Bad” ) and the Jedi getup he wore in the “The Saga Begins” ( the American Pie parody ).

The only downside to the show was that to facilitate the costume changes, they had to take a lot of breaks between songs. This time was filled with random Al TV interviews with the likes of Eminem, Madonna, and Celine Deon. These interviews were cut to make the answers make the stars look like idiots. Pretty funny stuff.

While waiting in line to get in, I ran in a cousin of mine that I remembered does some photo shooting for concerts and such. I didn’t expect to see him there and of course he was there to shoot. He got shots during the first three songs and one during a “meet and greet” afterwards. My cousin has been kind enough to let me post them here.

weirdal1.jpg weirdal2.jpg
weirdal3.jpg weirdal4.jpg

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