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Getting Started!

Posted on by Patrick

So I finally found the right combo of Blog software and layout I like (WordPress with the Rubic Style). Sure, there are others that use this layout, but hey, I’m no graphic designer and I like it!

I’m going to be blogging about my experiences with Java, OS X, Java on OS X and my recent move from the comforts of my hometown area of Dallas/Ft. Worth to New York City!

Check back here for updates on what I’m up to.

7 Responses to Getting Started!

Goodman said on 10/13/2004 at 3:02 pm

Yeah. Good luck with those winters. 🙂

Patrick said on 10/13/2004 at 3:59 pm

Yeah, it’s already starting to cool off.

M@ said on 10/13/2004 at 4:32 pm

It’s about time you started posting something! 😉

You need to share some photos of the exquisite ‘Jersey vistas.

Patrick said on 10/13/2004 at 4:57 pm

Oh, those are coming. For some preliminary ones, you can check out Maggie’s site.

Jim said on 10/21/2004 at 9:59 pm

Maybe instead of Pbur’s Adventures it should be

PBur’s Big Adventure

kinda like Pee Wee’s Big Adventure


Jim said on 10/21/2004 at 10:01 pm


Dammit! No preview or edit!!!

Patrick said on 10/22/2004 at 9:48 am

Sorry about that Jim….I’m looking into a plugin for WordPress for comment previews. I’ve found one, just got to install it.

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