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New iPods *and* the start of the next IDEA EAP!

Posted on by Patrick

What a great afternoon!

First news from a friend about the new Apple iPods. Looks like they have a cool looking new “U2” edition iPod and the new “Photo” versions that have a color screen and the ability to show photos. Hmm, interesting, but I don’t find myself needing to show off my photo collection all the time. Not to mention the extra $100 for the 40g model with the only changes being the photo stuff and the color screen. And $200 more for a 60GB version. Hmm, for one of the first times, I’m not having “you’ve been obsoleted” remorse on this one, since I just got my 4th gen 40GB iPod about a month ago. I’m very happy with it, and I also see they are going to continue selling it. I figure it will still be the bread and butter model along with the mini.

Right after I got IMed about the iPods, I get an IM that the IDEA EAP has started for 5.0! How exciting. I love living on the bleeding edge and sometimes with IDEA EAPs, there’s a lot of bleeding going on. Especially early. In fact, I’ve already crashed it once. Doh!

New features I am really looking forward to are:

I really want the new VCS integrations to be as good as the CVS integration they have. Since I use Subversion for projects at home and Perforce for work.

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