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Postgresql Seminar

Posted on by Patrick

I went to a Postgresql seminar near Philadelphia today that was very fun. Not necessarily the Postgresql part ( although it was good and I learned some things I didn’t know ), but I got to meet some people there I had only met via message boards or IM. Let’s see, Robert Sfeir ( someone I met through the IDEA EAP message boards), Brian McCallister (who’s blog I read regularly), Thomas Risberg (one of the Spring Framework developers), Aaron Mulder (one of the Geronimo server developers), and Brian Kilpatrick (a guy I met there, but also lives in NYC). It was quite the Java Developer crowd so we decided to go to dinner after the seminar and had a great time doing geeky things like discussing app servers and Spring and brain teaser puzzles. It was a blast and we all need to get together again.

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