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Before and After

Posted on by Patrick

Ok, so Maggie and I have made it through the first blizzard and we seem to have made it out ok. I wanted to post some before and after pictures to give you an idea of how much snow we got. I don’t have stats for Jersey City, but I saw where Central Park got 13 inches!

Courtyard Before
Courtyard After
This is the courtyard of our building about
an hour after the snow started falling.

This is the courtyard of our building this
morning…those ledges are about 2 ft high.
Windows Before
Windows After
These are the windows of our apartment about
an hour after the snow started falling.

These are the windows of our apartment this
morning…they are about 2-3 ft high.
Sidewalk Before
Sidewalk During Storm
This is the sidewalk outside the front entrance
of our building about an hour into things.

This is a shot of the same sidewalk during the storm.
The snow was coming down hard and the flash really reflected off of it
Sidewalk After
Cars along the sidewalk
This is a sidewalk on the other side
of the building this morning.

And across the street are some cars
parked on the side of the street…covered in snow.
Snow at Night
Maggie and Sam in the Snow
The snowstorm at night, really raging.
Maggie and Sam standing in the snow
on our walk during the storm.
Park After #1
Park After #2
This is a small portion of Liberty State Park after the storm
with Downtown NYC in the background.

Another shot of Liberty State Park after the storm.
The brown concrete walls around the bench are 2 ft tall.
River Freezing #1
River Freezing #2
This is a picture of the Hudson River.
If you look closely you can see that it’s beginning to freeze.

Another picture of the Hudson freezing.
This area is more out toward where the real current is
and it’s still starting to turn to ice.

I know I know, crazy boy from the South all excited about a little snow storm. Well, I think it’s absolutely amazing how quickly it can all change. Kinda like a Texas thunderstorm. These people up here have no idea what sort of power that can be. I guess we all get our own special types of weather.

One Response to Before and After

M@ said on 1/24/2005 at 7:01 pm

Yeah, I know what you mean — the first time I went to Ohio I was amazed out how quickly the world went white. There’s something very cool about it. For a little while 😉

Those are some nice photos, I especially like the ones in the courtyard. The two-foot, turned six inch, ledges.

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