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New Phone!

Posted on by Patrick


Well, it’s a little bit late, but I thought I would mention my new phone. It’s a Motorola v551 from Cingular. Maggie and I “upgraded” our AT&T accounts to actual Cingular ones so we could get the rollover and the new phones. The thing I really like about this phone is that it can play actual MP3s for the Ring Tones. It’s really, really cool to actually hear the real song instead of some crazy polyphonic midi version. The only thing that I would say I am not impressed by, and that Nokia continues to lead the world in, is the Phonebook. It’s usuable and you can assign both pictures and specific ring tones to people, Nokia organizes it better. The only other downside that my old Nokia phone had a much better camera. But hey, I never took that many pictures with the other camera anyway. As a final note, I definitely like having a flip-phone again, and I am pretty sure I’m getting much better reception because of the external antenna.

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Andy said on 2/15/2005 at 12:14 am

Nice phone! Now we have to test whether or not we can send pictures back and forth over our networks; if it was the phones that were conflicting or if Cingular and Verizon just don’t jive. I guess I’ll have to take a lewd picture and send it to you.

Gibling said on 2/19/2005 at 6:59 pm

A few years back I had AT&T service and I would have to say that it provided a far better signal strength in more places than Sprint. However, I am partial to using a PDA and that typically takes precedence over the cell phone. I discovered the other day the Samsung i600 and Kyocera 7135. Both these cell phones look very promising. They both have an SD slot for memory expension, and both are PDAs. The Kyocera is a Palm and the Samsung Windows. I haven’t yet had my hands on them but I will try to get to it this weekend. Luckily Verizon carries both, Sprint carries only the Samsung. Anyone know someone who has either of these phones? First hand knowledge would be helpful.

Jim said on 2/22/2005 at 9:39 pm

man, I want the new motorola razr


but I can’t justify going back to a monthly cellular plan… : )

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