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I got Spamalot tickets

Posted on by Patrick

Last night I was fiddling around on ebay and started looking for tickets to events I wanted to go to in the NYC area that are kinda hard to get tickets to right now.

First I was looking at “700 Sundays” which is Billy Crystal’s one man show. The tickets there were a bit expensive. The going rate appears to be about $600/pair. Definitely out of my ballpark. But then I thought, “Hey, what about Spamalot?”. So I searched and was disheartened to see that they to were quite high going for about $300/pair. But then I noticed an auction for tickets to the May 18th show ending in 1 hour that were only at $77 dollars. So I set my watch list and check back in half an hour. Still at $77, so I decided those were going to be my pair. I won them for $78, and now have tickets to the show.

The bit of a downer is they are the last row in the theater, but I will at least be in the theater. And I didn’t have too pay much over face value. Something like $6. I’m pretty excited because I hear this show is really wild and silly, as all Monty Python should be. It will also be cool to see Tim Curry, Hank Azaria, and David Hyde Pierce.

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