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Weekend at the beach

Posted on by Patrick

Maggie and I were sitting around a couple of weeks ago trying to decide what we wanted to do for our 3rd wedding anniversary. After going through some ideas, we decided that it would be a good idea to try and rent a beach house on the Jersey Shore.

We started looking for rentals for Memorial Day weekend that were in our budget, and my first few calls made me think that we had waited too long to look for a place. But on the third try, I got in touch with someone who had a small condo available for the weekend, so we booked it.

This place was pretty darn cool. It was right on the beach and just North of Atlantic City. (We could see the casino’s while walking along the beach) We brought the dogs along so we wouldn’t have to board them. They enjoyed the time with us and really enjoyed pulling us along the beach and into the ocean (which was really, really cold).

The weather on Saturday wasn’t great with lots of clouds and a high in the 50s. We spent the evening at the Casinos and also had dinner at one of the buffets.

Sunday was much better. The sun finally came out and it got warm. I did a run along the sea wall that was quite nice and helped me work off some of the extra food I had at the buffet. Then Maggie and I made some sandwiches for lunch and headed to the beach for a bit of a picnic. Then we sat on the sand and read our books. After awhile we brought the dogs back out and had another fun time with them.

Even after putting on sun block, the backs of our legs still got burned. (I guess it was the one place neither of us put much sun block). But it was worth it to finally have some nice weather.

Monday morning we packed everything up and headed home. It was a wonderful and relaxing weekend. And a great way to celebrate 3 wonderful years of marriage. I love you Maggie and here’s to more wonderful anniversary trips.

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