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Brush with celebrity

Posted on by Patrick

Well, ok, maybe not a super celebrity, but I did run into someone fairly important in NYC today.

I was getting on the elevator with some co-workers after a second-hand smoke break and after I got on, these two huge security guys get on, and then Mayor Michael Bloomberg himself. You know, Bloomberg as in Bloomberg News.

You might be asking yourself what the Mayor of NYC was doing in my building, let along on the elevator with us. Well, his re-election campaign headquarters happens to be a couple of floors down from us. He’s occasionally in the building, but I’ve never run into him before. Although, you can usually tell when he’s around, the lobby security gets all uptight.

One of the downsides of having the Mayor’s campaign headquarters in your building is the occasional protest…like the one today at lunch. Walking through them so I could go get a haircut was “interesting”. I still don’t know what they were protesting, but you know, there’s always a group of people in NYC who have something to bitch about.

Next time I might even say hi to the Mayor, but for now, I’ll just enjoy the fact that I can say “I once rode in the elevator with the Mayor of NYC.”

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