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That’s a lot of whacking

Posted on by Patrick

While we were living in New Jersey, a friend of mine convinced me to check out the Sopranos. He loaned me Season 1, and by the end of the box, I was hooked. Maggie and I put the remaining seasons in our Netflix queue and we started watching pretty regularly.

When we got closer to the move back to Texas, we were almost finished with Season 4. Then something funny happened. We got back home and suddenly, our time was filled up and there was no time for catching up on the show. We had the first disk of Season 5, and had had it about 3 months.

I realized that March 12th, the date of the Season 6 premier, was getting very close. Like, 3 days away close, when I noticed that Comcast had a “Sopranos Countdown” on OnDemand. This category had all the episodes from Seasons 4 and 5 on it. I made up my mind, I was going to be ready for Season 6 by the time Sunday rolled around.

So began the epic 9 hours of Sopranos watching. 4 hours on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. I finished the season 5 finale 30 minutes before the start of Season 6. I was definitely on violence overload. But I loved every minute of it.

Season 6 has started out “interesting”, but it looks like things are going to pick up now. Since is the last season, with some bonus episodes for next Spring, I can’t wait to see how then plan to end the story.

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