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Brenden Update

Posted on by Patrick

Well, Brenden is just over 6 months old now! I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. It just seems like yesterday that he was born.

The last few weeks have been very fun for the little guy. We’ve been to two 1 year old’s parties as well as a wedding. He was very well behaved during all of it, even though he’s just a baby. He’s learning so much and is pretty much on the verge of crawling. And the other day he grabbed Maggie’s cup and knew to bring it to his lips. We were both stunned that he knew what to do.

So typical parent thing, a stats update:

Weight: 18 lbs 10.8 oz

Height: 27 1/2 Inches

And here are some fun photos from the last little while:

Blue Baby

Getting ready for bed after a bath

Brenden as a Pumpkin

Brenden went as a pumpkin for Halloween

Brenden and Shadow

Taking a nap with the cat

Brenden Eats Carrots

Brenden has started taking on “real” food. This is his first try with Carrots.

Brenden and his Excersaucer

Brenden loves his Excersaucer. He knew what to do with everything in like 10 seconds.

Tired Baby

He also has a tendency to fall asleep in the cutest of ways.

Crawling pose

Finally, here he is posing with his new “I’m on the verge of crawling” pose.

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