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Training at Duke

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The week after the cruise ( the next day in fact ) I left for Durham, NC to attend a training program my employer runs there. The purpose of this training to have the attendees asses areas about their work and life that might be out of balance. The goals of the program is to have you seriously take a long look at what your future goals are and to make plans to achieve those goals.

One of the really cool activities we did during all this learning was to go to Cameron Indoor Stadium and meet with 5 assistant coaches of Duke’s basketball program. After an inspiring video featuring Coach K, we set out onto the court to learn various basketball skills leading up to learning an actual Duke Basketball play. During a break we got to shoot some hoops on the court before we executed the play against other attendees. I’m happy to say the team I was on won during our run.

Here are some photos

duke_shooting_hoop.thumb.jpg duke_coach_k_sign.thumb.jpg
Me shooting some hoops,
we got to keep the practice jerseys
The Krzyzewskiville sign that marks where
students camp out for tickets to the game

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