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Catching Up

Posted on by Patrick

Been a long while since I’ve posted. In that time we’ve had Halloween where Brenden went as a adorable dragon ( pic at Maggie’s site ) .

We also went to Maggie’s sister’s wedding in California and has a great time. Well, except for Brenden not having the best sleeping patterns. You know, like screaming his head off until 1 and 2 AM. Other than that it was a lot of fun. I went sport fishing with the men of the family and caught a lot of mackerel.

Thanksgiving was also very nice. Maggie’s aforementioned sister and her new husband came to visit with Maggie’s other sister’s two boys. We did the normal family stuff of playing Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly. I lost at Trivial Pursuit ( darn you Maggie ), but completely dominated Monopoly.

We got a real Christmas tree for this year. ( see pic of Maggie and Brenden while we were tree hunting ) I think once in my life my family ( or wherever I was staying ) had a real tree. This will be an interesting adventure. We have baby gates setup so Brenden can’t get to the tree and destroy it. He’s unamused by these gates since we haven’t had anything like them before. He’s not use to be unable to get somewhere in the house that doesn’t have a door.

School is going well this semester. I have a final on Monday and I think I have a pretty good shot at an A+ for the class.

In two weeks, Maggie and I will be off to Vegas to celebrate her graduation from college with a degree in English. We’re very much looking forward to that.

So I think that gets me all caught up and ready to either post more or again neglect the blog and have to make another catchup post in January.

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