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Getting a handle on your Blog reading

Posted on by Patrick

If you’re like me, you’ve subscribed to a ton of Blog feeds. I was up to around 200 until I read a friend of mine Will’s post about consuming blogs. That post has changed my blog reading life.

I went from having hundred’s of unread posts when I got home to my Newsreader, to maybe a max of 20 entries when I check. I also got rid of the post machines BoingBoing and Slashdot. I basically went through my blog list and if there was something I constantly marking “all read”, then I dropped it.

I figure if something on BoingBoing or Slashdot is worth it, someone I know will link to it or send it to me. That has made as huge a difference as reading posts throughout the day.

Google Reader’s interface makes it very easy to glide through posts and choose which ones to read later either via marking it with a star or opening the post in a new tab for reading during my next blog break.

If you aren’t using a Feed Reader, I highly recommend it.

Will has also posted about other Media consumption, but the blog one really helped me out.

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