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Finished first pass of Cocoa App

Posted on by Patrick

Tonight I wrote the following:

git tag 0.1

What that means is I tagged version 0.1 of my first Cocoa App. I was able to get this version done in about 3 hours and it has all the features I’ve learned from the weekend. The UI took the longest part as I had to keep changing things as I learned more. In the end, I went back to a super simple UI to start and will be building up from there.

I’m purposefully not divulging much information because I want to get more complete before I announce this app to the world. It’s not a very exciting app, but I still want to keep it under wraps.

I’m still impressed with Cocoa. Now, I’m to the point of searching the API docs to get most of the functionality I’m looking for. Although I still need to read the basics of using Core Data.

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