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Dallas World Aquarium

Posted on by Patrick

We went to the Dallas World Aquarium on Sunday with some friends and their one-year-old boy. Brenden was wiggly, but looked at stuff when we pointed it out. He has been really into Finding Nemo and this was a great way to show him all sorts of fish and other creatures. At the end of the day, both boys were exhausted ( as well as the parents ), but I think we all had a great time.

DWABrendenMaggieRainforest.thumb.jpg DWABrendenMaggieRainforest.thumb.jpg
Maggie and Brenden checking out the birds in the “Rainforest” Maggie and Brenden checking out one of the many fish tanks
DWABrendenMaggieRainforest.thumb.jpg DWABrendenMaggieRainforest.thumb.jpg
Stingrays at the DWA Brenden playing in the dirt next to the Stingray tank
DWABrendenMaggieRainforest.thumb.jpg DWABrendenMaggieRainforest.thumb.jpg
A huge Grouper at the DWA Brenden standing in front of the Grouper to give some perspective

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