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Today: A Companion For iCal

Posted on by Patrick

Have you ever wanted to quickly add an event to iCal but didn’t actually want to either launch it or bring it forward? Or you wanted to take a quick look at your schedule for today? Well, earlier this year Second Gear Software released a new utility for OS X called Today that does just that and more.

What Today does is provide a very quick and easy interface to iCal that shows you what’s going on “today”. In the top part of their window are the day’s events and appointments. The bottom half is your to-do list from iCal. All the events and to-dos are in the color of the calendar they are assigned to, which makes for some quick browsing.

One of the best features of Today for me is that you can assign a global keyboard shortcut that will bring up the Today window for quick adding of events or viewing of your calendar. This has been a godsend since I don’t have to have iCal open and Today is super fast and responsive.

Lastly, I wanted to comment about the support I have received from Second Gear Software. I had a couple of issues while I was checking out Today, so I went to the support site. Second Gear is using Get Satisfaction, a sort of “social” support service. Users and Companies helping each other to solve issues with products. The developer of Today responded very quickly to my issues. This level of support is fantastic and I believe helps set apart these smaller Mac Software companies.

To keep on top of your busy schedule, I’d highly recommend Today as it provides very quick and convenient access to your iCal calendars. Today is $15 and can be purchased at Second Gear’s website.

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