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Christmas 2008

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The past two days have been long, but amazing as we saw a lot of family and friends. Brenden had a blast as he got to play with his cousins from California while also playing with a ton of other kids. I should tell the tale in pictures.

We start visiting my best friend Andy’s grandparents’ house in OK. This is his dad Andy ( far right ) and uncles Benny and Scott ( left to right ). Next, we went to Andy’s parent’s house. This is his mom Linda opening cards.
Andy and his dad having a discussion during present opening. Brenden playing with Andy’s nephew Noah. The boys had a great time playing with the microwave in the background.
I really liked this shot of Andy laughing at a joke. Andy’s a chef, which leads to the next picture. Moving to Christmas Day, with Andy’s instruction, I made my second Prime Rib. It was scrumptious.
The entire Christmas Dinner spread showing the smoked ham my dad brought. It was equally scrumptious. The tree just before presents were passed out. Lots of gift card envelopes this year.
Brenden got this very cool elephant that he can sit on. He really likes it.
Brenden also got a lot of gifts. The child might be a bit spoiled. Maggie’s sister Rachel and her husband Frank who drove here from CA with their other sister’s boys.
Brenden “playing” with his cousins from CA. The older boys were engrossed by their game systems. Maggie’s mom and dad and my dad watching the festivities.
This is the coolest thing. A neighbor builds this train up in his backyard and gives kids free rides from 6 – 10 PM every night from the day after Thanksgiving till New Year’s Day. Here are the boys from CA, Ely and Dylan. Trying to capture the epic-ness of this guy’s back yard is hard. The next few pictures are my attempt.
Epic-ness. Epic-ness.
Epic-ness. Epic-ness.
Epic-ness. In the end, Brenden was exhausted after two days of running around and no naps. After our guests left, he crawled on the couch and passed out. I carried him to his room and he’s still there in his clothes sleeping away. I think he really enjoyed the days and so did we.

We had an amazing couple of days and I want to wish all my family and friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 2009 will be an exciting and new year for us as we welcome our new baby shortly after the new year.

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