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Brenden’s 4th Birthday Party

Posted on by Patrick

Funny how the time flies and you only post links to your blog. Heck, it wasn’t even me. It’s an automated thing. Well, here’s a honest to goodness actual post!

Friday, my little guy turned 4. He’s growing up so fast now. We took him to Chuck E. Cheese’s that night for some fun and play time, and man did he take advantage of that. He ran around like crazy for two hours and worked up a huge sweat. He played all sorts of games, earning lots of tickets which we turned in for some trinkets at the toy counter.

Yesterday, we had several of Brenden’s friends over for a birthday part at our house. That meant lots of kids running around and having fun. I grilled hot dogs and we had cake. Brenden was very excited about all his presents and couldn’t wait to play with all of them.

We saved the biggest gift until the end: his first bicycle! It’s Toy Story bicycle and we took it for the first “ride” yesterday evening. I’ll post more about that later (along with some photos).

Here are a few pictures from the party. You can see the rest in the Flickr Set.

The Setup

Maggie did a great job getting the tables ready

Candle Time 7

Brenden getting ready to blow out the candle

Presents 2

More presents than you could imagine, we have generous friends

Emily Riding 2

Emily loves riding all of Brenden’s old toy riders, she had fun during the party


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