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TaDa Lists

Posted on by Patrick

I know I’m a little behind the news here, but I started using Ta-Da List the day it came out and I loved it from the start.

One of the coolest things is I can share the list with anyone…so for one, I’ve made a list for my wife to use for “Honey Do” items.

It’s been pretty good because I have a terrible time remembering everything I need to get done. But since I sit at a computer connected to the internet most of the time, I can quickly pop in and add an item to my lists and move on and then know that I have written it down so I can’t forget it.

Another great feature, especially if you are sharing a list, is the RSS feed of a list. So now I can know almost immediately (or however often I have my RSS reader setup to check) when a new item is there, or if one has been updated.

Another amazing thing is how simple the interface is. Nothing to get in your way, but very functional and actually kinda nice to look at. As my friends will tell you, GUI designer I am not, but I can appreciate a good design when I see one (for an even better example see the interface for Gmail).

It’s a pretty good system and I like the satisfaction of checking off completed to-do’s (or would they be ta-da’s?).

I highly recommend checking it out.

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