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Mr. and Mrs. Frosty

Posted on by Patrick

I was walking to the train the other morning after our 16 inches of snow and stumbled across this outside a bar called the LightHorse a couple blocks away from the apartment:

Mr And Mrs Frosty

To give you some scale, Mr. Frosty’s heart is at about 6 ft. These are gigantic! And amazing. Definitely a great deal of effort was put in to create them.

Then to my horror, the next day, the top part of Mrs. Frosty was missing. But then I found this scene this morning as I walked by:

Mrs Frosty Missing

The sign has a reward on in for a free dinner at the LightHorse for information leading to the recovery of Mrs. Frosty. It made me smile that the LightHorse would at least have some fun with the situation.

I apologize for the quality of the photos, they were taken with the camera on my cell phone and well, Megapixel it is not.

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