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Who Says New Yorkers Can’t Be Nice?

Posted on by Patrick

The image most people have of New York is a tough town where no one cares about anyone. And to be honest, on most days, people would rather walk over you than help you. You get really used to basically ignoring everyone around you, especially when dealing with the Subway (be it on the train or waiting in the station).

But today, I witnessed the most amazing thing. This woman was reading the paper and started crying. You could tell she was really upset. I felt bad for her, but sticking to the “Subway Code”, I just continued to jam to my iPod and ignore the situation. The woman next to me reached into her purse and pulled out a tissue and offered it to the lady. I was in shock. Made me feel bad that I wasn’t carrying my own set of tissues around to offer her.

It seems that even in this town, where everyone is in a hurry and more concerned with themselves, people can still be nice to each other.

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