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“Going down to DC!”

Posted on by Patrick

On Sunday, Maggie and I thought it would be cool to go see the nation’s capital during the peak of the cherry blossoms. Neither of us had been to DC before, so we also were excited to see the monuments and government buildings.

We drove down to within about 10-15 miles of DC itself and took the DC Metro train system to the heart of the city. We got off the train and were almost immediately on Pennsylvania Ave. We walked right passed the Treasury Department (where the Secret Service is taking care of “Duck Cheney”, which has taken up residence in a mulch bed at the entrance). Then shortly after that is the White House.

We kept on trucking and saw the Old Executive Building and then made our way to the Washington Monument. After seeing that, we were walking to the reflecting pool and saw the WW II memorial which is an amazingly awesome fountain.

After looking at that memorial for a while we walked along the reflecting pool. This is the first thing I’ve seen in real life that actually seemed as large it does when seen on TV. Once we reached the other end, we were at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial, which is really big. Larger than life in fact. We saw a girl getting her bridal photos taken inside, which was an interesting sight at a national memorial.

After Lincoln, we strolled over to the Korean War memorial, and man, that thing is borderline scary. I would love to see it in the dark with some fog. It would totally feel like being in a battlefield.

The next memorial we saw was the Vietnam Memorial, which is truly moving. All those names. We called Maggie’s parents, and her mom gave a couple of names to lookup. We found them, but it next to impossible to take pictures of them because the black marble is so reflective all I got was a picture of me reflecting in the wall.

Finally, we made it over to the Tidal Pool to see the weekend’s main attraction, which were the cherry blossoms. They were really, really pretty, but causing some serious allergy irritation for Maggie, so we had to leave somewhat quickly.

By that time, most of the day was gone and we needed to drive back home. So we still have the Capital Building, The Supreme Court, the Jefferson Memorial, The Smithsonian and a million other things left to see there. So we’ve decided to make a weekend trip out of DC sometime soon.

Maggie has some photos up on her site if you want to go check them out.

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