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Umbrella Update

Posted on by Patrick

I realized I hadn’t posted the outcome of my inquiry of my umbrella’s “lifetime warranty”.

I posted previously that the poeple who make the umbrella obviously weren’t located anywhere with some pretty crazy wind. But as it turns out, the company is in NEW JERSEY! Not 20 minutes away. I called them up and told them what happened to my umbrella and the girl on the phone was very nice and said “Sure, we’ll send you a new umbrella. Just mail us that one, and enclose a check for $4.50 for return shipping.”

First off, I was floored they were in the area. They should have known better than call something “windproof”. But the thing that irked me was the “Yeah, we’ll give you another $15 umbrella if you spend $9 getting it back to us and paying for us to fullfill our own warranty”. I guess they don’t expect people to go through with the hassel.

But I have a better plan. Once I found out their location, I asked if I could just drive it by, and she said “Sure.”. So, I think I am just going to take a morning and drive down to their offices and pick up a new umbrella. Even if I do end up mailing it and paying their stupid shipping fee, I’m going to get my new umbrella, just on principle.

UPDATE 1/14/2009:

I’ve received a few comments about this and I wanted to provide the info I have now.

If your umbrella has the Futai name on it somewhere, Futai USA made your umbrella. They will honor the warranty replacing it with one of their Leighton umbrellas as they no longer manufacture the London Fog umbrellas. Their number is 1-800-858-2535.

If it is not made by Futai, then I’m not sure were you send it as I can’t find who makes the umbrellas now. Also, I no longer have my London Fog umbrella as I lost it when I left it on a train.

6 Responses to Umbrella Update

Maggie said on 4/27/2005 at 10:38 pm

The key information in all that, is that we still have a broken umbrella sitting in our apartment!

Anya said on 11/8/2006 at 11:45 am

Hi Patrick,

This might sound kind of strange since I don’t know you, but I was googling “london fog umbrella warranty” and this is the only useful page that popped up, I can’t find any other info anywhere. I know you posted this a year ago but I was wondering if you still had the information on where to send the umbrella. My umbrella is so old that I cannot read the warranaty tag. Please please let me know, my email is anya at purdue dot edu.


Darlene said on 12/31/2008 at 1:53 pm

Hi Patrick, I know this is an old post and hope you still have the info. I have a london fog umbrella with a hole in it and want to send it it. Can’t read where to send it. please send info. mahalo!

Sharon Susin said on 5/31/2010 at 4:50 pm

Dear London Fog

I recently bought one of your London fog lifetime warranty umbellas in downtown Toronto. It is a black one. The style number is 8063, KYC 08, RN 22605, CA 05956, US PAT. NO.6. 164.304

I can’t find my recipt. One of the arms is bent real badly and it doesn’t work properly any more.

How would I get this one fixed or replaced?


Sharon 647 435-4034

Judy said on 7/21/2010 at 1:08 pm

After reading the first couple of posts on this website, I checked my umbrella for a mention of”Futai”. There was a small piece of paper wrapped around one of the umbrella’s arms. It said “FUTAI SERVICE ORDER” and gave the following address to which I can mail it for repair or replacement:

Futai USA, Inc. 50 Mayfield Ave. Edison, New Jersey 08837

Send $4.50 for postage and handling along with your name and address.

Shahram said on 9/26/2011 at 1:03 am


I just wanted to share this link that explained how to return umbrellas from different brands.


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